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Promoting a natural anti-inflammatory response from a gluten-free diet.

I had the privilege of listening to Dr. David Seaman several years ago as he imparted his knowledge at a NUTRITONAL SEMINAR; he was one of several keynote speakers. I walked away with a lot of great information and incorporated as much of it into my personal lifestyle with great results.  I not only felt better but also believe it would make for a “LONG TERM INSURANCE POLICY AGAINST THE AGING PROCESS”.

Last month I attended a complete seminar of Dr. Seaman’s and decided to make further changes for myself, following his advice.  As we all know, nothing comes easy when making dietary decisions, but I became more convinced that same changes could benefit a great many of my patients with chronic pain.  It becomes even more important since the drugs being prescribed for inflammatory disorders are recalled and pulled from the shelves.  Many conditions will benefit from GLUTEN-FREE restricted diet, most notable being chronic inflammatory conditions such as OSTEOARTHRITIS, FIBROMYALGIA, HEADACHES, and CHRONIC BACK PAIN and even CANCERS.


I recommend you visit the attached link and try this program for six weeks, add the nutritional support that he gives to live a better life hopefully free of drugs like NSAIDS and IBUPROPHEN.

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“Guidelines for Reducing Inflammation with Diet and Supplementation” by Dr. David Seaman