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Current Patient Testimonials


   "I have been a regular patient of Dr. Elsasser for over ten years.  I have always been impressed by Dr. Elsasser's professional approach to solving my health care needs. 

   Prior to seeing Dr. Elsasser I was plagued by migraines.  Routine care has eliminated my migraines completely.  I am so thrilled with Dr. Elsasser. My daughters are also regular patients. Neither has missed any school for 2 years, and I attribute their health to regular chiropractic visits.

   We will continue to refer our family and friends to Dr. Elsasser and his staff!"


  Hannah (10 yrs)

  Abbey (6 yrs)



  "I had started seeing Gary 12 years ago when I started to have a bad pinch in my neck.  On the second day (visit) I was in extra pain.  I have a history of severe cramps with my monthly "friend".

   That morning, they came full boar.  I was in pain and only wanted to lay with a heating pad and a bottle of Tylenol.  I told Doc what was going on.  He furrowed his brow, had me lay on the table face down and adjusted my back.  by the end of the day the pain was completely gone.  The pain did not return until the next month.

   Keep in mind, I was typically bed ridden for three days with pain, fever, and nausea because of the abusive "friend". So for me to have this gone that quickly was a miracle.  That was the day I fell in love with Doc and Chiropractic Care. 

   I now bring my daughter, 11, to him, and recommend Doc to anyone who will listen.

   By the way, he also keeps my migraines Under control, along with the pain of old age."